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I have editing  credentials and I like to be proactive with fellow authors. Scroll down to see various services I offer, what you get, and how much, if anything, it costs.

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Beta Reading No Charge

Depending on my schedule, I may beta read your manuscript. Email me an .epub or .mobi version, so I can put my feet up and read in comfort. If you don't have these formats, send a Word file and I will convert it. Google Docs do not work for me. Please don't send romance, young adult, vampires, or zombies. I prefer historical fiction, spies, science fiction, and action/adventure. If I like your book, I will finish it if it is not unconscionably long, and I will give you a candid and courteous opinion. Also, I will mark errors and issues if possible. If I don't like your story, I may read a couple chapters, then I will return it to you with an explanation as to why I didn't like it. Keep in mind, if you use beta readers, you should be a beta reader.

Copy and Line Editing

I will ask you to send a sample in a Word file and your word count. After I see it, I'll give you a proposal. If you accept it, I will correct punctuation in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style and change obvious misspelling. Suggested changes to text will be noted in the margins. Whether you make those changes will be up to your discretion. Finally, I will give you an editorial review.

Editing and Formatting

Again I will ask for a sample Word file and word count, then I will make a proposal. After you accept, I will preform the services in the paragraph above. You will tell me which if any content changes you wish to make, then I will format one manuscript for eBook conversion. The format will be compatible with both Amazon's and Smashwords' requirements. Then I will format another copy for paperback publication according to Amazons standards. I will return them to you for publication, and I may also give you an editorial review. 

Full Service Publishing

Send me your entire manuscript as a Word file, and I will give you my proposal. When you accept, I will perform the editing and formatting functions listed above. You will have to establish accounts with Amazon and Smashwords if you don't have  them. It will be necessary for you to give me your user names and passwords. If you do not have cover art, we will work on that together. When you are satisfied with the results, I will upload the files to your accounts. In the case of the paperback edition, you will need to purchase a proof copy. If you approve it, we're done. If changes are needed, I will make them, and you will have to buy another proof. I'll write a review  and post it on your book's pages. Keep in mind, if I like you, the fee will be discounted. 

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