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To the peril of all who accompany him, a salvager sails the globe searching for a creature supposed to have gone extinct before the time of the dinosaurs. Megalodon was the length of a sperm whale with jaws that could swallow an orca. Its teeth that still wash onto distant shores measure six inches from tip to root. How much fame and fortune awaits the one who proves such a monster from the Pleistocene still exists?


A video surfaces purporting to document a megalodon attacking an adult sperm whale. Treasure hunter and soldier of fortune, Enzo Palmer, becomes obsessed with proving it’s real. With his voluptuous inamorata, skeptical partner and his somewhat harebrained paramour, Enzo embarks on an around the world monster quest. From Key West to the Sea of Cortéz the team dives, trolls and trawls in their high stakes voyage to prove the gigantic living fossil still lurks in the depths. However, there is competition on the horizon in the form of a slightly deranged megalodon enthusiast who has the support of environmental activists with malevolent intent.

A Novella $.99 Click the icon of your choice

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Now available in paperback as an anthology with seven other stories some never before published.

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Megalodon is now an audiobook

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