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Golden State Blues
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Golden State Blues

Two men walked into a bar.

They decided to save the state of California

and they almost succeeded.


A king maker in the little town of Claremont decided to solve all the state’s problems, so he took a hardcore Republican, dressed him in Democrat’s clothes and got him elected governor of California, all the while pulling his puppet’s strings from a barstool. Things start to improve quickly especially after the legislature went on strike leaving Governor Jim’s hands unfettered. The National Guard did a great job of implementing the governor’s plan until the president can’t take it any longer and tries to have him assassinated. Then there is that little surprise from Jim’s checkered past that he could have never seen coming. Golden State Blues is a riotous and outrageous spoof on the sorry state of the Golden State filled with good clean fun and plenty of uncommon sense.

Scott Skipper author of historical fiction and humor
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This marvelous book, superbly written, is the story of a man who sees his state of California and all of its God given glory being trampled on and destroyed by self-serving "public servants,” the police and teachers' unions and decides to do something about it by becoming Governor. Once in office he starts to clean house. He addresses issues such as officials of bankrupt towns paying themselves salaries in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. He fires them. When some reject his dismissal because they were voted into office he finds ways to oust them, cutting budgets he controls, etc. He empties the prisons of illegal immigrants (saving California millions) by sending them to Nevada and Colorado. He is a ruthless dream come true who literally fixes a broken state. His actions that eliminate insane spending fill the State's coffers so well that he is able to remove sales tax and state income tax. Some of the many toes he steps on reach out for help to Washington, D.C. and when the lady president of the U.S. A. cannot reach him (he won't take her many calls) she threatens to cut Federal funding, to which he is able to reply, "Keep your money, we don't need it." California is rich again. In the course of his house cleaning he confronts the Legislators in Sacramento who decide "We'll show him" and leave town and their responsibilities. In the absence of a legislature he is able to assume powers to further clean the mess and crookery. This is not a book for supporters of illegal immigrants and other darlings of the liberal Left. Hopefully it will be an inspiration to some politician who will see that it can be done, that The United States of America can be raised from the dust.


The ending broke my heart, when the Legislators, hungry for their lost power, reconvene, vote for impeachment and are supported by the liberal Left voters and this brilliant man is removed from office. In his absence they begin to re-instate all of the destructive, unaffordable policies he had abolished and by which he had saved the State.


Sadly, the author who writes and thinks brilliantly, is a realist and understands the inevitable. I strongly recommend this book to everyone, Conservatives who'll say "Yeah!!!" and Liberals who might become influenced by the other side of the aisle's thinking. That is, if they are truly liberal.


This is a great book.





Reviewed by New York Times Best Selling Author Burt Boyar

" The pace of the narrative is relentless and keeps the reader glued to the page...  Although it is specific to California politics, many of the issues and characters are universal and can be related to the politics of many western countries."

Laurence French




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