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Think the US Presidential Race was a Circus?

Jim West was the only governor of California ever removed from office by impeachment.

So, what makes him think he should run for president?

The truth is, he just wanted to get laid.

The California State Senate convicted Jim of treason against the state;  improperly suspending habeas corpus; abuse of power; misuse of public money, falsifying his petition for candidacy, perjury, impersonating a police officer, immoral conduct, maintaining a hostile work environment, sloth and using lewd or lascivious language in the presence of a minor. That should qualify him to be president, don't you think? Remarkably, there is no Constitutional prohibition to prevent a felon from running for president, so Jim is in the race. See what happens when a fun loving old goat from Tennessee tackles the Washington establishment with the help of his team of knockout blond supporters.

It's time to restore the world order by any means available!

Go Cosmic with Carrie Player & the Alien Deshler

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