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Available as eBook 
and Paperback 

Quantum State

If you wanted to undo a presidential election, what could be simpler than going back in time and promoting a better candidate? That part was child’s play for half-alien, Terrie Deshler, but how to convince the electorate that four-foot-tall, gray, and smelly Deshler is the right man for the job? Leave that to computer avatar turned bosomy blond android, Cassiopeia. It all seems straightforward until a race of grotesque hostile aliens from another galaxy begins teleporting to earth with deadly intent. The simple solution is to go back in time and put a team of engineers on the task of developing technology to defeat them when they eventually arrive.


Alien invaders are one thing, but doing battle with Congress is a little more complicated. Nevertheless, time heals all wounds, and anything about today that is causing a problem can be rectified by tinkering with the past. Don’t like somebody? Take out his grandfather—simple. Only Carrie Player is determined to rein in Deshler’s genocidal tendencies. Join the Alien Affairs team as they surf the multiverse for the betterment of home and country. Saving the American way has never been more hilarious.

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