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Doctor Josef Mengele, medical researcher, surgeon, anthropologist, geneticist and Auschwitz Angel of Death, hid in plain sight for forty years while dozens of professional Nazi hunters blundered around the world trying to capture him.  Face of the Angel tells how an educated man of wit, charm, and mayhem languished for decades in fear, loneliness and delusion in South America while his pursuers invented preposterous tales about him.


Was he evil?  Although once in the hands of the U. S. Army, Mengele was never charged with war crimes.  He lived in three South American countries at times using his real name.  By the time of his death in 1985 around fifty people knew who he was but none of them renounced him.  Read the facts and the fantasies about the turbulent exile of the Angel of Death.


59,393 words

$2.99 all eBooks

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