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Blood Omen

A sign—an omen—compels an ancient people to abandon their impregnable city and follow in the footsteps of their ancestors who had splintered from them eons ago. The caravan is attacked by hostiles as they make their way north. The numbers are ravaged by disease, the elements, and internal strife. Attrition threatens the survival of the wanderers. The fiendish priests appeal in vain to the bloodthirsty gods for deliverance. Foolish kings lead them into peril. Wise kings struggle to mend the damage.


Will this multi-generational tale of an epic migration result in cultural renaissance or extinction? Can a great people find greatness again in a strange and menacing land, or will the malignant characters in their midst ultimately destroy them? Follow as a sophisticated culture ebbs and recovers only to repeat the cycle over again. They are influenced by people encountered on the journey over two continents. Watch them evolve on their voyage of discovery until they become part of the historical record. They cannot be the same people who began a perilous journey, yet some aspects of their culture refuse to die.

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