Book Reviews by Me

S.E. Madison

Be Careful What You Wish For



Pamela Marie Stewart is proud that her initials are PMS. She is an unsuccessful writer of children’s book, and she has a mismatched assortment of friends, one of whom owns a park on Molokai. What starts as a hike to an idyllic beach in the aforementioned park turns deadly for Randy’s gay, Scandinavian boyfriend when a hawk attacks the procession on a narrow mountain trail. Because the belligerent bird attack precipitated a bit of a brawl, the survivors decide it would be in their best interest to hide the body and say nothing about it. When there is no backlash to the evil deed, Daggert, who owns the park, gets the idea that there is money to be made in disposing of undesirables in the same way. And then the story takes a turn for the bizarre.


This wacky tale is just strange enough to be amusing. The reader is so charmed by the flow of the narrative that suspending disbelief is a pleasure. This is such a fun read the fact of dubious editing can be overlooked. I won’t give it away, but I for one did not see the ending coming.